Roche cobas e 411


cobas e 411

cobas e 411 offers rapid STAT and turnaround time, an on-board capacity of 18 tests and throughput of up to 88 tests per hour. Sample carrier options include disc or Roche/Hitachi five-position rack.      
For immunological analysis of serum or plasma.
cobas e 411
Power Requirements 100 –120 VAC 50/60 Hz single phase or 200–240 VAC 50/60 Hz single phase
Peak Power 800 VA
Additional Specifications System:      
Fully automated, random access system for immunoassay analysis.     
It is available as both, a disk system and a rack system.     
System components:      
Analytical module including Window XP embedded operated touch screen PC     
Sample handling module: rack or disk operated     
Sample throughput:      
Up to 88 samples/hr (theoretical max)     
Test throughput:      
Up to 88 tests/hr (theoretical max)     
Number of channels:      
18 channels/reagent slots for up to 18 different assays     
Programmable parameters:      
Max 60 assays definable via 2D-barcode (programming by loading)     
Sample types:      
Serum, Plasma, Urine     
Sample input/output      
Load/unload capacity:      
30 samples (disk)     
75 samples on 15 racks     
RD standard 5 position rack     
Rack types:      
Routine, STAT, Control, Calibrator     
STAT handling:      
Any unoccupied position on the sample disk,      
dedicated STAT port on rack feeder     
Sample container types     
Primary tubes:      
5–10 ml; 16x100,16x75, 13x100, 13x75mm     
Sample cup:      
2,5 ml     
Micro cup:      
not allowed     
Cups on tube:      
Cup on top of a 16 x 75/100 mm tube     
Sample volume:      
10 to 50 Μl per test, depending on assay protocol     
Operating conditions      
Ambient temperature:      
18 to 32 °C (64.4 °F to 89.6 °F)     
Ambient humidity:      
20% to 80%     
Noise Output:      
60 dbA (stand-by mode)     
63 dbA (avg. during operation)     
Physical dimensions      
1200 to 1700 mm (disk/rack)     
730 to 950 mm (disk/rack)     
560 mm (w/o PC unit)     
Approx. 170 kg (disk) and 210 kg (rack)


Easy to operate     
The customized keyboard and easy-to-learn software make training and operation simple and keep user involvement to a minimum.     
Unique programming-by-loading concept     
Barcode-based data entry is carried out automatically by loading reagents, controls and calibrators onto the system – a rapid, robust and safe procedure.     
STAT facilities for urgent samples     
cobas e 411 disk system features two STAT sample positions that can be accessed at any time, delivering results rapidly in response to clinicians‘ requests . The cobas e 411 rack system features a STAT port for immediate access emergency testing.     
Innovative technology     
Novel Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology provides superior analytical performance. Increased sensitivity means that extremely low levels of antigen, as well as subtle changes in levels, can be detected. The very wide measuring range facilitates cost and time efficient testing by reducing the need to dilute and repeat samples.


cobas e 411 analyzer

cobas e 411 analyzer

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