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6+1 position Manual Dissolution Tester   
The PT-DT70 is the low head, manual flip-back dissolution tester. It provides a space saving, low cost entry point into dissolution testing. Whether for a new laboratory or to meet tough budget requirements, the PT-DT70 offers a lot of instrument for a comparatively modest cost. This instrument features seven stirred positions as well as a pneumatically supported flip-back head for easy access to all dissolution vessels.    
The PT-DT70 is in full compliance with the relevant USP, EP and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.   
The test vessels are placed in two lines (4+3 arrangement) and it is very easy to remove spent samples and refill with solvent by flipping back the instrument head. As soon as the head is lifted, the stirrer automatically stop. To insert samples and withdraw solution, guiding tubes are placed into the seven holes in the top cover of the instrument. Simply place your tablets next to the holes and introduce them when you are ready to start the test or use the optionally available tablet magazine for a synchronous tablet drop. For easy sampling use the PT-MDS manual sampling system which includes sampling tube, inline filter and a 10 ml. disposable syringe. The system ensures that all samples are taken from the same position in the testing vessel. Program sampling sequences to get informed by a beeper to take action.   
The PT-DT70 is already equipped with all necessary interfaces to connect a sampling system for automation. The interface to connect of a PT-DL1 data logger is built-in as well.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Depth 55 cm
Width 50 cm
Additional Specifications Number of Stirrers:    
LED Display for actual stirring speed and bath temperature   
Data Entry:    
Functional and numerical keys   
Acoustic Signal:    
Programmable acoustic signal for operator information   
RS232 port   
Pre-heating time:    
Approx. 30 mins.   
Stirrer speed:    
Adjustable within 20-250 rpm, accuracy ± 1 rpm   
Bath Temperature:    
Adjustable within 25°-45.0°C, accuracy ± 0.3°C   
Stirrer wobble:    
within ± 0.2 mm   
System tools:    
Mono-shaft stirrer design, USP Apparatus 1,2,5, 6 tool adapter,   
cream cell, trans-dermal patch tools, each tool and vessel   
individually coded   
Vessel Centring:    
Auto centring inside the bath cover   
Built-in calibration procedures for speed and temperature   
Measurable vibration range:    
< 0.003 mm displacement at vessel - water bath cover interface   
All components certified to USP / EP requirements   
CE / EMC Certification: All CE / EMC Certification provided   
All IQ & OQ paperwork include


  • Fully USP and EP compliant   
  • 7 stirred positons   
  • Low head design with pneumatic flip-back lift   
  • Tablet drop directly through holes in instrument head   
  • Integrated calibration program for stirrer speed and temperature   
  • Options – Manual tablet magazine, PT-DL1 data logger   
  • Interfaces – RS232 to connect data logger and for remote control in automated applications, I/O port   
  • Sampling channels through the head allow tablet drop and easy access for manual sampling   
  • Small footprint (approx. 65 × 55cm), flip-back head and easy access to all vessels   
  • MonoShaft™ system to avoid re-adjustment of immersion depth after tool exchange   
  • Clear-view Plexiglass water bath for excellent visibility of samples   
  • GMP compliant stainless steel housing   




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