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The PTWS 100 is a 6 position, single drive compact tablet dissolution testing instrument for solid dosage forms.          
It is supplied with a staggered start feature for each of the six positions. The upper drive is electronically controlled to offer two positions: an upper cleaning and a lower working position. The electronically driven lift mechanism is located centrally above the water bath. This assures that the whole lift drive mechanism is positioned in a way so that the tool shafts are always kept parallel and at a 90° angle to the vessel walls when in the working position.  
Depth 78 cm
Width 56 cm
Additional Specifications Data Entry:         
Touch sensitive glass plate, functional touch keys         
Acoustic Signal:         
Programmable acoustic signal for operator information         
Programmable sampling times,wake-up and sleeping mode,operation time information and count-down mode         
External data logger         
Number of Stirred Vessels:         
6 (3 by 2 or 2 by 3 arrangement)         
Standard Vessels:         
1 liter USP/EP Borosilicate glass vessel, each individually coded          
Speed Control:         
20-220 RPM         
Speed Accuracy:         
±2% of set speed, typically < 1%         
Stirrer Shaft Wobble:         
Better than 0.2 mm total run out         
System Tools:         
MonoShaft™ stirrer design, USP/EP apparatus 1, 2,5,6 tool adapter,cream cell, transdermal patch tools, each tool and vessel individually coded         
Heater Range:         
Heater Accuracy:         
± 0.2°C inside the water bath         
Heat Up Process:         
Energy saving, programmable “wake up” heater function and “sleep mode”         
Water Circulation:         
Water circulated from external heating system through special diffuser inside the water bath         
Vibration Elimination:         
External heating system,spring loaded pump         
Built-in calibration procedures for speed, temperature control, OQ/PQ interval         
programmable including alarm indicator         
All components certified to USP / EP requirements         
CE / EMC Certification:         
All CE / EMC Certification provided         
All IQ & OQ documents included


  • Fully USP and EP compliant         
  • 6 stirred positons         
  • Centrally located electronic lift drive to raise and lower the head         
  • Staggered start capability         
  • Method management and user administration         
  • Optical and acoustic signals to inform about sampling intervals         
  • Optical information on display shows the instrument status by different colors(green = ready to use, yellow = preparing to use,red = error encountered)         
  • PQ interval warning with programmable interval          
  • Interfaces– RS232 to connect data logger and for remote control in automated applications,I/O port         
  • Modular design to minimize bench space requirements        
  • Individual vessel centering        
  • Excellent access to all vessels        
  • Screen saver functionality offers most important information at a glance (stirrer speed, bath temperature, time to next sampling interval, elapsed time)        
  • Wake up functionality to start heating at a pre-programmed time        
  • MonoShaft™ system to avoid re-adjustment of immersion depth        
  • Staggered start feature for convenient manual sampling        
  • Water diffuser for even temperature distribution        
  • Spring loaded pump to eliminate vibration transfer        
  • IQ/OQ documents included free of charge        


  • PTWS 100D
  • PTWS 100D3
  • PTWS 100D2
PTWS 100D2


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