LECO Corporation TruSpec® Series


TruSpec® Series

Built on a collaboration of customer input and sound engineering, the TruSpec is designed to meet your true specifications for optimal performance. Components of this new family of instrumentation work together to provide you with an incredibly stable, consistent performance marked by rapid analysis times, greater robustness/less downtime, and reduced maintenance.     Models Include:   TruSpec N   TruSpec CN   Truspec CHN   TruSpec CHN(S)   TruSpec Micro CHN   TruSpec Micro CHNS

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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  • Low cost-per-analysis            
  • Sample sizes up to 1 gram ( 1 to 10 mg for micro)            
  • Complies with AOAC, AACC, AOCS, ASBC, and ASTM-approved methods of analyses            
  • Supports compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations mandated by             
    the FDA            
  • Installation qualification & operation qualification available; IQ/OQ Brochure            


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Since the introduction of the first rapid carbon determinator in 1936 industries around the world have trusted LECO to deliver technologically advanced...

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We were getting a message of "ballast not filling", we removed the ballast, cleaned it and changed the O-rings/gaskets - put it back together and the system indicates an issue with the "combustion" system that appears to be...

Failed: ballast oven temperature

This is new. When I run a systems check I get a message I haven't seen before. "Failed: Ballast Oven Temperature." Has anyone seen this before?

False pretences link??

You solicited my contact info based on the respresentation that you had a manual for this. But the link is totally bogus and just leads to this input form.

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