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The TFE2000 is specially designed to determine fat/oil content. It eliminates the need for the hazardous chemicals used in Soxhlet, Mojonnier/Roese-Gottlieb, acid hydrolysis, and other solvent extraction methods. Using inexpensive compressed CO2 as the solvent, the analyte is extracted from the sample and transferred to the removable, ultra efficient solid phase collection traps. Precise calculations are determined by the integrated balance based on sample weight, and the before and after weights of the collection vials.     The TFE2000 is a unique, triple parallel channel system. Each channel has an automated heated variable restrictor (HVR) to control the flow of CO2. Flow is corrected to the set-point specified in the programmed method.     The automated HVRs eliminate restrictor plugging and costly delays in the analysis process. Each TFE2000 instrument is a fully functional, stand-alone automated instrument capable of integration with a balance and printer.     An optional PC is available to join multiple units together if you anticipate a need for greater throughput. The Windows® interface controls all instrument functions and provides data management in spreadsheet format.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


  • Specifically designed for the rapid extraction of fat and oil      
  • Three simultaneous analyses      
  • Optional PC links up to eight TFE2000 units      
  • Easy-to-use Windows®-based software      
  • Optional on-line modifier addition system
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