Korsch America Inc. XL 400


XL 400

The new GMP-concept. TTW(through the wall) -technology       
The multi-function column is a cabinet-like ele-ment mounted on the base of the machine that supports the head piece. This column houses all major components and utility lines, including electrical connections air intake and exhaust lines. As a result, future-oriented TTW-technology is now for the first time available for tablet presses.       
TTW-technology makes it possible to install the KORSCH XL 400 next to a wall of the production room (”white zone”) so that the multi-function column can be accessed from the adjoining tech-nical room (”gray zone”) through an opening in the wall. This configuration makes it possible to continue tablet production in the white zone       
while maintenance or other work is carried out from the gray zone at the same time.       
In addition to all electrical and utility lines,the control cabinet can also be installed in the technical room.
XL 400
Depth 1595 mm
Height 2153 mm
Width 946 mm
Weight 3700 kg


Head piece       
Suspended for optimal access to compression zone.       
Three generously dimensioned windows with new interlocks.(divided windows as an option)       
Multi-function column   
Houses all drive components and utility lines to permit advanced TTW-technology.       
Compression-roller stations       
Identical units, for pre- and main compression of 100 kN, completely enclosed, can be retracted and rotated hydrauli-cally.       
Exchangeable turret       
Can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.       
A hydraulic lifting arm facilita-tes removal of the turret.       
Compression zone       
With smooth stainless-steel surfaces to permit easy cleaning.       
Carrier plate       
Mounted on special vibration-absorbing elements to prevent the transfer of vibration to the machine housing.       
Central connection panel       
For all peripherals.       
Machine base       
With smooth stainless-steel panels and hinged access doors.       
Floor panels       
Of stainless steel, with sealing strips.       
Ergonomic design       
The compact, six-sided design of the housing permits con-venient access to all machine components.




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