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Phoenix 8000

The UV persulfate method of TOC analysis technique achieves outstanding analytical accuracy, precision and long-term calibration stability due to its ability to inject high sample volumes (up to 20 mL) and low system background. 
Virtually any component can be accessed in less than two minutes. Glassware is placed at the front of the unit for easy access and monitoring. Sample and gas lines are color coded for quick identification. Internal components are carefully laid out with the customer in mind. As a result, down time and cost of operation is kept to a minimum. 
Arranged in three simple menus -- Setup, Run, and Results -- TOC Talk’s user interface is easy to use. Set up system parameters and configure user preferences. Run predefined methods or customize your own. View, print, and export sample data and calibration curve results. 
To help the industry comply with 21 CFR protocols, Tekmar offers software packages for CFR compliance for our line of TOC analyzers for use in monitoring Water-for-Injection and Clean-in-Place applications. 
The STS 8000 Autosampler is a high capacity, dependable robotic XYZ autosampler suitable for virtually any TOC sample. With easy access to sample racks, sample loading with the STS 8000 is fast and easy. The STS 8000 supports a variety of industry standard glassware (many with cap and septa), giving you the lowest possible cost of operation that is the standard for TOC analyzers.
Phoenix 8000
Depth 25 in
Height 22 in
Width 12 in
Power Requirements 100 120/230 VAC (± 10%)
Additional Specifications Chemistry: 
Photochemical Oxidation via UV-Sodium Persulfate 
Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR) 
Analytical Modes: 
TOC (NPOC), TC-IC, TC,IC, (POC optional) 
Limit of Detection: 2 ppb 
Maximum Measurable Concentration: 10,000 ppm (sample volume and dilution dependent) 
Precision*:? 2% RSD or CV,+/- 1ppb or +/- 0.02 ugC, whichever is greater over, seven replicates.** 
Sample Size: 500Μl to 20 mL 
Analysis Time: 4 to 8 minutes, typical 
* Analytical performance affected by laboratory water, reagent and gas purity, as well as sample container cleanliness, sample matrix, gas regulator cleanliness and precision, and operator skill. 
** %CV Area, as opposed to %CV and %RSD, calculates precision before blank subtraction. This yields a lower precision measurement, but impacts sensitivity and accuracy 
Liquid Handling: 
Syringe pump, 8-port distribution valve 
Dilution method provided for range 200 to 10,000 ppm 
Auto-rinsing from sample and/or rinse water 
Sample Introduction: 
Automatic syringe injection or Autosampler 
PC, Interface through Windows™ (2000, XP) 
Data Handling: 
Spreadsheet reports transferable to Microsoft™ Excel™ 
Real-time display of curves 
Ability to store customized individual test methods 
Priority samples via scheduled interrupt 
Multi-point and auto-blanking 
21 CFR Part 11 
Software Compliance: 
TOCTalk Version 3.5 is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant 
Other Features and Options: 
Pre-programmed point and click method setup 
Automatic shutdown/standby 
Automatic data file management 
Validation Support Package available 
Flow rate monitoring 
Priority sample via scheduled interrupt 
Solids Module 
Certification Protocol available 
Principle Applications: 
Drinking and Surface Water, Ground Water, Cleaning 
In Place (CIP) Validation, Water for Injection (WFI), Boiler Feed Water, Cooling Water  
Official Methods: 
EPA 415.1, 415.2, 415.3, Standard Method 5310C, EP 2.2.44, USP 643 (Chapter 24), ASTM 
D4779 and D4839, prENV 13370 
CE, EMC EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1  
Gas Supply: 
99.999% pure nitrogen (5.0 UltraHigh Purity) or hydrocarbon and CO2 free air with TOC 
content <1ppm. Gas can be supplied from a cylinder or TOC gas generator. If a TOC 
gas generator is used, resulting gas must be hydrocarbon, and water free. To assure 
clean carrier gas is used we suggest employing a complete carbon dioxide (CO2) removal 
system and hydrocarbon trap (Teledyne-Tekmar part # 14-1362-000) between the gas 
source and analytical instrument. It is recommended when using hydrocarbon and CO2 free air that an ozone trap be used (Teledyne-Tekmar part # 511-940) 
Gas Pressure: 
30 to 35 psi (206.7 to 241.2 kPa


Reliable, High Throughput STS 8000 Autosampler 
The STS 8000 Autosampler is a high capacity, dependable robotic XYZ autosam- 
pler suitable for virtually any TOC sample. With easy access to sample racks, 
sample loading with the STS 8000 is fast and easy. Sample cross-contamination 
concerns are eliminated with a built-in needle rinsing function. The STS 8000 
supports a variety of industry standard glassware (many with cap and septa), 
giving you the lowest possible cost of operation. A magnetic stirrer option is 
available for meeting ISO 8245 and EN-1484 requirements. 
Total Nitrogen (TNb) Module 
Many applications require both TOC and TNb analysis. To meet this need for our 
customers, Tekmar-Dohrmann can provide an optional TN module with our 
Apollo 9000 line of TOC instruments. This compact module will measure TN 
simultaneously with TOC using a chemiluminescence detector and in accordance 
with your water requirements such as EN-12260 and DIN-EN-ISO 11905-2. 
Solids, Sludges and Sediments 
The Tekmar-Dohrmann 183 Boat sampler expands the Phoenix 8000 and Apollo 
9000 capabilities to include solids, sediments and sludges and can measure from 
ppm to % levels. Samples are introduced into a quartz or platinum boat, which is 
then advanced into a furnace which can be set up to 1000° C. The analysis is 
complete in less than 5 minutes. This simple, easy-to-use boat sampler inher- 
ently produces quality analytical result


Pheonix 8000

Pheonix 8000

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