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Thanks to its high flexibility/automation levels, G250 capsule filler represents the most suitable solution for medium/big productions. Machine functions are managed by an industrial PC (with Windows XP Embedded operative system) with a colour monitor (operator-friendly interface).         
As G250 is equipped with some accessory devices (such as empty capsule feeder, empty capsule selector and product loader) and a filling weight control system, it can also work without the assistance of operators.
Power Requirements 400 V 50 Hz or at 460V 60 Hz
Weight 2000 kg - 3000 kg with powder dosing unit
Additional Specifications Production speed:         
up to 200.000 capsules/hour          
Capsule sizes:         
from 000 to 5 tamper proof, elongated and vegetal included         
Product range:         
powder, pellets, microtablets, tablets, low dosages of powder to be inhaled without compaction, many dosing combinations          
All parts in contact with product are made in AISI 316 stainless steel(where technically possible)


  • Motorized adjustment of the dosing chamber, compression and product layer inside rotary container         
  • Automatic positioning of adjustments of dosing chamber, compression and layer according to preset values for different products         
  • Motorized adjustment of machine speed from monitor          
  • Automatic cleaning device of obstructed empty capsule feeding tubes from faulty capsules,without operator intervention         
  • OBC cleaning system for the opening bushes and for the capsule body bushes         
  • PLC for machine functions control        
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    Does MG2 250 model has provision of combination filling like powder+pellet or pellet+pellet or tablet+pellet

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