ACG PAM Pharma Technologies Legend 2500


Legend 2500

The Pam Capsula Legend 2500 is the next generation in automatic capsule fillers, combining futuristic design and ultra-modern engineering to take capsule filling to the highest peaks of speed and efficiency.


  • Industrial PC based controls.   
  • Environmental sensors.   
  • Slug length adjustment kit to eliminate the requirement of an extra dosing disc when filling doses that are 50% of the slug length.   
  • Online auto weight adjustment.   
  • Anti-jamming device to prevent jamming of capsules during loading.   
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.   
  • Quick change-over of capsule size and product.   
  • Screw type auger to ensure formulation ease with any type of formulation.   
  • Automatic centralized lubrication.
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    Legend 2500

    Legend 2500

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    The flagship engineering company of ACG Worldwide, with over two decades of domestic and international experience, ACG Pam offers the world capsule filling,...

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    batch failure for uniformity of dosage unit test

    We have a product running on legend 2500 machine. We have observed that UC of the batch is failing even after validating the the speed of the machine between 50 -90 SPM. How can the PPM can impact on the UC content of the batch if it this kept...

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