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System Gold

The System Gold(R) HPLC manufactured by Beckman, which is designed to be particularly useful in life sciences laboratories, consists of several instrument modules that are used in various combinations, consumables, accessories and software tailored to specific applications, such as drug metabolism assays.Introduced in 1994 for use in quality control laboratories, the System Gold(R) Nouveau HPLC offers a variety of configurations for a wide range of applications.       
System Gold High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) employs the latest advances in pump technology, allowing smooth, consistent flow from microbore to semipreparative. The high-pressure mixing design ensures minimal delay volume and eliminates the need for helium sparging. Beckman Coulter specializes in the development of HPLC systems for microbore and automated methods development applications. Systems can be operated stand-alone or with the 32 Karat™ workstation.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


  • UV-VIS Detector      
  • model 166 Solvent delivery module
  • [pump]      
  • model 125S Fraction collector      
  • optional 500 series autosampler      
    Model 166 detector features:       
  • 10mm, stainless steel      
  • 17ul capacity flow cell       
  • Maximum back pressure of 1000 p.s.i.       
  • Programmable functions: wavelength, range, rise time, auto zero, event mark, relays, lamp off, peak detection, peak threshold, audible alarms, bandwidth, and stop data.      
  • Wavelength range: 190 - 700 nm single channel,      
  • programmable, requires Tungsten lamp for visible light       
    Model 125 solvent delivery module (pump) features:      
  • Flow range: 0.01 - 10.0 ml/min       
  • Reproducability: +/- 1% or 0.003 mL/min., whichever is greater      
  • Composition range: 0-100% in 0.01 increments       


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I need the software

could any one help me to get hte software of Beckman HPLC (pump126, Detector166, autosampler 507) I need the software to contol the HPLC Please..


Hi.. is it possible to combine different HPLC module to get HPLC, I mean I have jasco UV/Vis detector and a pump of Beckman.. is the posibility to make combination between them?

Setup and brief training

We were gifted a System Gold 125 Solvent Module (Model # 728394m S/N 503-1958) with a System Gold Programmable Detector Module 166 (Model # 238800, S/N 214-5931). We are looking for someone to come in and get this set up for us and do a brief...

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