Organomation MULTIVAP Water Bath Evaporator - 100 Position


MULTIVAP Water Bath Evaporator - 100 Position

Organomation’s line of MULTIVAPs are extremely versatile and user friendly instruments, the 64 and 100 positions models utilize the classic water bath to maximize evaporation.        
These instruments are comprised of a rectangular gas distribution system mounted on a frame and dual post assembly. Like the N-EVAPs, the manifold delivers nitrogen gas to the needles or glass pipettes and onto the sample’s surface resulting in rapid solvent evaporation. In order to conserve nitrogen gas, the manifold has toggle switches which allow individual rows to be shut off when evaporating batches at less than full capacity.        
The manifold also serves as part of our dual band spring hoist assembly which permits effortless raising or lowering of the apparatus. A needle guide for the 64 and 100 Position MULTIVAPs is an available option. Nitrogen gas flow is controlled by an adjustable flow meter. The samples are loaded into a stainless steel sample holder rack which sits submerged within a hot water bath.  All Sample racks are customized for the users samples to maximize sample stability.         
Baths are thermostatically controlled and will accurately maintain water temperature from 30°C to 70°C.  All models can withstand contact with organic solvents. Acid resistant models are also available for corrosive solutions.
MULTIVAP Water Bath Evaporator - 100 Position
Evaporator Type Nitrogen
Depth 43 cm
Height 86 cm
Width 48 cm



MULTIVAP Water Bath Evaporator

MULTIVAP Water Bath Evaporator

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In 1980, Organomation constructed its current headquarters and manufacturing plant in Berlin Massachusetts. The MULTIVAP batch nitrogen evaporators and...

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