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PK introduced the TwinShell® blender to the processing industry over fifty years ago. They have continued to build on TwinShell performance as the standard of excellence for the homogeneous tumble blending of powders using state-of-the-art technology. The Twin-Shell Intensifier Blender provides consistent performance for precise blending, uniformity and efficiency. It features an intensifier bar placed at the axis of rotation. The bar’s intensive agitation propels all material into the solids-solids or liquid-solids contacting area. Surface action provides the necessary impact, but without excessive work input. PK has an array of intensifier bars to meet varied applications. You can select the proper bar by testing your materials in the PK Customer Service Laboratory.
V Blender
Part Number 7649
Additional Specifications Portable units up to 10 cubic feet (300l) batch sizes are available        
Intensifier bar models include:         
Minimum attrition


  • Incorporates updated mechanical features while maintaining fast, intimate, high quality blends of even the most minor ingredients        
  • Sharp angle of discharge helps the operator quickly, efficiently remove blended product        
  • Variety of cantilevered intensifier bars for your specific blending application     
  • Intensifier bars promote blending and agglomerating of abrasives, fragiles, lumped materials and heavy or light densities       
  • In liquid addition, the droplet size is adjusted by simply changing the shims        
  • Dispersion bar sprays liquids directly into the product at specified times during the process cycle         
  • Removable intensifier cartridge design allows maintenance to be performed outside the production area; requires only one long-lasting product seal       
  • Quick release access covers with a no-glue gasket
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    I-Bar shifting during operation

    We have 2 V Blenders (3 and 5 cu ft) and each I-Bar is set in place with set screws that become untightened during operation. This causes the I-Bar to separate from the collars and material enters the gaps and then burns the blend and mixes in with...

    Felt Seals

    Where do I purchase the Small White Felt Seals for these blenders.

    liquid addition

    I have a 5 cb/ft Patterson Kelley v-blender equipped with liquid/solid intensifier bar and I need to add liquid to my powder formulation.  How does it work and what additional equipment do I need? Thank you for any help you...

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