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Sol 2.2A

The Sol™ 2.2A NIR spectrometer is a high performance linear InGaAs array spectrometer with an available spectral range of 900-2200nm. Its 256 pixel detector provides high throughput and large dynamic range with TE Cooling down to -15oC via a built-in 3-stage cooler. The built-in autozero function automatically reduces dark current and dark non-uniformity, resulting in an increased signal-to-noise ratio. Software control allows you to choose from four types of operation modes; Maximum Dynamic, High Dynamic, High Sensitivity, and Maximum Sensitivity in order to optimize your spectrometer for your specific application.     
The Sol 2.2A NIR spectrometer features a SMA 905 fiber optic input, built-in 16-bit digitizer, and is USB 2.0 plug-and-play compatible. This spectrometer is ideal for demanding applications in process monitoring, quality control, and materials identification. Customized spectral resolution and application support are also available for OEM customers.
Sol 2.2A
Weight 3.1 lbs
Additional Specifications DC Power Input:      
5V DC @ 5 Amps     
AC Adapter Input:      
100 - 240VAC 50/60 Hz, 1.0A @ 120VAC     
Detector Type:      
Linear InGaAs Array     
256 x 1 @ 50Μm x 250Μm Per Element     
Spectrograph f/#:      
Spectrograph Optical Layout:      
Crossed Czerny-Turner     
Dynamic Range:      
Maximum Dynamic Mode: 20,000:1     
High Dynamic Mode: 10,000:1     
High Sensitivity Mode: 2,500:1     
Maximum Sensitivity Mode: 250:1     
Digitizer Resolution:      
16-bit or 65,535:1     
Readout Speed:      
500 kHz     
Data Transfer Speed:      
>300 Spectra Per Second Via USB 2.0     
Integration Time:      
250Μs to >= 64 Seconds     
External Trigger:     
Aux Port     
Operating Temperature:     
0°C - 35°C     
TE Cooling:      
Three-Stage: -15°C @ Relative Humidity = 90%     
7.5in x 4.3in x 2.7in (192mm x 109mm x 68mm)     
Computer Interface:      
USB 2.0 / 1.1     
Operating Systems:      
Windows: XP, Vista, 7


  • Built-in Autozero (Noise Level Reduction)     
  • Four Sensitivity & Dynamic Range Modes     
  • 900nm - 2200nm Spectral Range     
  • Resolution as Fine as 9.0nm     
  • -15oC TE Cooling
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    Sol 2.2A

    Sol 2.2A

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