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The Agilent Technologies 5973Network MSD is a transmission quadrupole mass spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative analysis by electron ionization (EI), positive chemical ionization (PCI), and negative chemical ionization (NCI). The 5973N is available in six configurations that differ in their capabilities. Use considerations will dictate which system is most appropriate.         
The 6890/5973N systems can be configured with additional accessories to adapt them for various applications. The MS Productivity ChemStation Data System can process data from both the MS and conventional GC detectors. With devices such as the programmable temperature vaporizer (PTV), overall sensitivity can be dramatically increased. Some of the accessories are provided by third-party channel partners who have been qualified by Agilent Technologies.
Additional Specifications Mass range of 10-700 amu


  • Agilent 5973N MSD        
  • Agilent 6890N GC with split/splitless injector with EPC        
  • LAN Communications        
  • MS features a mass range of 10-700 amu        
  • Heated EI source        
  • Heated Transferline        
  • Heated Hyperbolic Quadrupole Mass Filter        
  • High-Energy Dynode (HED) Electron Multiplier Detector        
  • 250L Turbo Pump and BRAND NEW Roughing Pump        
  • 220 Volt System        
  • NINETY (90) DAY WARRANTY        




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Agilent 5973N signal loss

Good Evening ! Well, not so good here... I am stuck with an EMERGENCY trying to figure out why my MS just stopped working. Was running a basic DFTPP, Cal Check to start a run batch and when I returned the samples had been running and stopped...

firmware issue

Has to change out MS for a spare we have, only problem is we have a new issue. It appears that the firmware is not correct of the MS, so I went to update the firmware in "Config" and got a weird error... the MS Firmware passed, but the 6890 failed...

Agilent 5973 GCMS Source temperature keeps increasing

Hi, I'm troubleshooting an Agilent 5973 gcms.  The MS source temperature keeps increasing above the setpoint.  I've replaced the heater assemble as there was a short in the rtd sensor, however it still does not maintain...

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