DMC Series

Electronic multi-channel tablet/capsule counting machines.   
Using the most advanced infrared sensors and PLC touch screen controls, the DMC line of counters provides maximum running efficiency and complete accuracy demanded by our pharmaceutical customers.



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Additional Specifications
  • 12 track format with single dosing unit.  
  • Recommended for small size tablets and medium counting volume  
  • Single lane sanitary conveyor.
  • DMC-120

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    Variable Speed Control Yes
    Depth 2440 mm
    Height 1800 mm
    Width 1400 mm
    Power Requirements 220 Volt 3 phase, 50/60?
    Peak Power 1.88 kW
    Weight 550 kg
    Additional Specifications 24 track format with twin dosing unit.
    Dark time control for double tablet reject.
    Light time / Auto vibrator feedback loop
    Capacity 100 tab.per bottle: 60bpm / 120bpm
    Count range Up to 32,000 tablets/container
    Product size:
    Tablets diameter 3-20mm
    thickness up to 2.2mm,
    capsule and softgelsizes #00~#5
    Dosing type: single / twin
    Container diameter 20-120mm
    Container height adjustment: up to 230mm
    Air consumption: 100, 150 liters/minute


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    Additional Specifications
  • 12 track format with twin dosing unit.
  • Recommended for large size capsules.
  • Small counting volume.
  • Twin lane sanitary conveyor.
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    • DMC-60S
    • DMC-120
    • DMC-60T


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