TRACKMAN is your new personal laboratory assistant. Designed specifically to keep you on track as you pipette from one microplate to another. TRACKMAN simplifies your work, improves your productivity and helps avoid pipetting errors and cross-contamination.


No More User Variation     
Free yourself from tedious pipetting jobs and free your results from inconsistencies due to pipetting errors.      
A Technology You Can Trust... PIPETMAN Built Inside!     
With PIPETMAN built inside PIPETMAX, you can trust your pipetting to be reliable and consistent, plate to plate, lot to lot, time after time.     
A Truly Open System! Use any Reagent, any Protocol     
Configure and customize your run using any reagent and any protocol you want. The hardware and software are built to be customizable.     
Designed to Perform Common Pipetting Tasks and Protocols     
Download pre-developed, validated protocols with simple configurations.     
Small Footprint     
Fits under a hood or at your benchtop for maximum convenience. Weighs just under 40 pounds, so moving it is quick and easy too!     
Exchangeable Pipetting Heads and Removeable Tray     
Hardware can be customized to fit your needs and the pipetting heads can be calibrated just like a PIPETMAN!




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From the original PIPETMAN®, Gilson enables scientists to reproducibly simplify and advance sample preparation for biomolecule, environmental and...

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