The CONCOA CryoWiz delivers a continuous supply of liquid nitrogen from a primary   
and secondary source automatically with no temperature change. The CryoWiz uses a proprietary algorithm and precise pressure and temperature sensors to monitor the demand   
for and supply of the liquid nitrogen. With a unique insulated switching mechanism,   
high flow pneumatic valves, and hot gas bypass programming, the CryoWiz automatically switches sources with virtually no change in delivered cryogenic temperature. Ensuring both consistent temperature and continuous supply, the CryoWiz is ideal for critical cryogenic applications such as cryopreservation and environmental chambers
Maximum Inlet Pressure 22 psi
Power Requirements 120 VAC or 220 VAC
Weight 40 lbs
Additional Specifications Enclosure:   
Powder coated NEMA 12   
Brass barstock   
Cryogenic Relief Valves:   
35 PSIG (50 PSIG optional)   
?” FPT Outlet   
Hot Gas Bypass:   
?” FPT Outlet   
Maximum Inlet Pressure:   
22 PSIG (35 PSIG optional)   
Inlet Connection:   
½” FPT   
Outlet Connection:   
½” FPT   
½” PVC   
Alarm Output:   
1 or 5 dry contact NC   
Alarm Inputs:   
O 2 deficiency relay   
Air or Nitrogen:   
120 PSIG max   
85 PSIG min   
Air Inlet:   
?” FNPT   
Communication Ports:   


Automatic Proprietary Control Algorithm   
Ensures continuous efficient supply   
Insulated Switching Mechanism   
Minimizes flash loss of liquid   
High Flow Pneumatic Control Valves   
Supplies multiple freezers   
Hot Gas Bypass   
Eliminates flash loss   
Single Compact NEMA 12 Enclosure   
Occupies less space easy to install   
Remote Monitoring   
USB and ethernet communication   
24,000 event date and time log   
Oxygen Deficiency Relay Contact   
Ensures OSHA safe use   
Local Audible and Visual Alarm   
On-board emergency monitoring   
Optional Remote Alarm   
Advantium1 PLUS   
Advantium 2 PLUS   
Advantium 8




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CONCOA was founded in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1987. As an independent ISO 9001-registered company, CONCOA prides itself in manufacturing a complete...

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