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The HP 19395A Headspace Sampler provides automatic analysis of up to 24 samples within the temperature range (ambient +15°C) to 150°C   
The HP 19395A Headspace Sampler, when operated in the CHT mode, automatically drops vial from the magasine to the carousel. The vials are dropped at the rate of one vial injection cycle. Each sample vial is then heated for 1, 2, or 3 cycle times at the option of the operator.



Hewlett Packard Headspace-Sampler

Hewlett Packard Headspace-Sampler

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Hewlett Packard has been designing and manufacturing medical equipment for many years. They first branched out their company into...

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Can 19395A HSS hook up to 6890GC

HI, This is bhagyaraj and i have a HP 19395a Head space sampler Can i attach the hss to Agilent 6890 GC System.

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