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Mass Mixer

The Mass Mixer Machine is basically mixing a assembly where in the mixing stirrer is in horizontal position in the container & has a single speed, simple rotation. The stirrer rotates around itself at a very slow speed inside the bowl, thereby achieving intimate mixing of dry or wet materials of Tablet Granulation, Powder, Chemicals, Food & Confectionaries etc..
Mass Mixer
Additional Specifications MODEL: 50 - Capacity 50 Kg   
MODEL: 100 - Capacity 100 Kg    
MODEL: 200 - Capacity 200 Kg


  • Range of models to suit working volume 50,100 & 200 Kg.    
  • All contact parts are made out of S.S.304 quality material.    
  • Compact design requires less floor space.   
  • Single stirrer with single speed for dry & wet mixing.   
  • All non contact parts (general structure)made out of mild steel and claded with SS304    
  • Contact parts are polished to a mirror finish and non-contact parts are polished to the matt finished in GMP Model.    
  • All safety guards & covers made out of SS304 material in GMP model    
  • General structure & all non contact parts are made out of Mild Steel   
  • All moving parts are enclosed with safety guards.   
  • Thrust bearings are provided to carry out rigid thrust load.   
  • Easy cleaning & operating.   
  • Simply designed SS304 dust cover provided with one port for material charging & inspection.   
  • Interlocking system with top dust cover   
  • Container tilting system provided for easy unloading of material and easy cleaning.
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    Mass Mixer

    Mass Mixer

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