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JASCO Models AS-2055/2057 are fully automatic sample injection systems enabling greater productivity and the highest possible level of precision.  
Sampling flexibility is unparalleled with up to 96 well positions (microplate) for laboratory automation and combinatorial chemistry.  
Also available is a rack for 84 micro-vials or the standard rack for 50 2 mL vials. AS-2055/2057 models offer 5 operating modes: normal, two methods of pre-column derivatization, dilution, and zero-sample loss injection in stand-alone mode.  
In the zero-sample loss mode, the sample is sandwiched between two zones of mobile phase solvent, and the entire sample volume is drawn into the loop and injected without loss.  
The AS-2055/2057 can be easily combined with the JASCO HPLC system and EZChrom Elite™ Software. The EZChrom Elite software offers full automation of your JASCO HPLC system including the AS-2055/2057.


Excellent Injection Reproducibility  
AS-2055/2057 offer operation in both fixed loop or variable volume injection modes. The reproducibility achieved in fixed loop 20 µL injection is less than 0.2% SD with less than 0.01% sample contamination. In variable 10 µL injections SD was less than 0.3%.  
Complete Flexibility  
Random sample access is provided as well as random number of injections and random injection volume for each vial. Urgent samples can be given priority.  
Temperature Control (AS-2057 only)  
The AS-2057 offers a built-in Peltier cooling and heating unit to expand the versatility of the instrument and maintain the integrity of all samples.  
Nonadsorbent Tubing  
The AS-2055/2057 both use an innovative stainless steel tubing, eliminating the adsorption problem that occurs when analyzing natural samples using Teflon® tubing.  
Sample Pretreatment Capability  
Air segmented sampling enables the AS-2055/2057 to automatically mix up to two different solvents or derivatizing reagents with the sample in a stand-alone mode. By automating the processes of derivatizations, the sample pretreatment capability saves time and improves the precision of complex chromatographic analyses.  
Interfacing with the JASCO HPLC System  
AS-2055/2057 models can be used as a stand-alone module through the built-in keypad and LCD display, or integrated into a complete HPLC system with computer control. In stand-alone mode, the advanced microprocessor of the AS-2055/2057 offers 10 user friendly programs with 64 steps per program. The AS-2055/2057 can freely interact with other HPLC modules via the built-in LC-Net interface and can also easily be triggered from an external event generated by a computer or other LC modules. Full PC control is also provided when incorporated in a JASCO HPLC system with EZChrom Elite™ Software.


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