MTI Corporation GSL-1800X-SBC2



Multi-function Film Coater with Turbo Pump: Thermal Evaporating + Carbon Coating + Plasma Sputtering.       
A floor-stand Multi-Function Film Coater, which integrets thermal evaporatingon, carbon coating and plasma sputtering coating into one machine and it can provide coating for alomost every material, including metallic, semiconductive and insulating materials. It is an excellent and cost-effective coating machine for research lab.
Depth 800 mm
Height 1340 mm
Width 560 mm
Power Requirements 208 - 240VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz, single phase ( < 2500W)
Weight 150 kg
Additional Specifications Input Voltage:       
208 - 240VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz, single phase ( < 2500W)       
(110V version is available upon request )       
Input Power < 2000W (including pump)       
Output Voltage (DC):        
AC10V up to 100A Max. for thermal evaporation       
DC 3KV, 10mA for Plasma sputtering       
Vacuum Chamber:       
Bell Jar made of Pyrex glass - 250mm dia. x 340mm Height       
Two inner glass tubes are included for radiation blocking       
One is 88 mm ID x 140mm H for thermal evaporating        
The other one is 88 mm ID x 57mm H for plasma sputtering       
One stainless steel mess enclosure is included for blocking light radiation during thermal evaporation     
Vacuum Pump:       
High speed turbo molecular vacuum pump are installed bottom of the coater       
Vacuum speed: 600L/S       
Vacuum level: 10e-6 torr       
Environmental working temperature: < 32°C


Three sets of coating source assembling are included.       
(1) One set for thermal evaporating with dual heating station        
Can evaporate two kind of materials in same time.       
Max. temperature can reach 1800ºC to coat almost every material.        
Tungsten wire resistance heaters are included for immediate use       
Spare tungsten heater is available upon request       
(2) One set for carbon coating Assembling        
two sets of carbon rod are included for immediate use       
(3) One set for DC plasma sputtering        
One gold target ( 38mm Dia x 0.2 mm thickness) is included       
  • Control Panel allows you choose coating method and adjust sputtering current and evaporation power       
  • The thermal evaporating coater can coat Al, Zinc, Cupper, graphite etc all kind of light weight metallic material, which are not suitable by plasma sputtering coating       
  • Can coat oxide, compound inorganic material with boiling point less than 1800°C
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