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Model 2304

The Model 2304 is designed to automate protein stability studies. The primary applications for this new instrument are:   
1. The stability testing of protein constructs during discovery and development   
2. Biologics formulation stability testing during pre-clinical and clinical development   
The AVIA Model 2304 will automatically prepare protein samples for analysis, prepare the requested array of buffer and excipient conditions from bulk solvents, collect the fluorescence data, and process the data for relative stability results for up to 96 protein samples or formulations.



Model 2304 Automated Protein Denaturation System

Model 2304 Automated Protein Denaturation System

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Dear, is the equipment able to measure chemical unfoldings at different emission wavelengths ? Is the excitation wavelength already be defined or can the operator chose it ? What is the level of validation of the software (21CFRPart11....

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