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The AL-90 Capsule Filler is a manually operated filling machine that features an automatic loader that automates the filling of capsule loading trays. This improves loading time and increases output to as much as 9,000 capsules per hour. In addition to increasing output, using the automatic loader reduces operator fatigue.     
They require two operators; one to load the capsule trays and another to operate the machine. Since the machines require no power they can be used in facilities with minimal infrastructure.     
ACG's manual machines are simple to operate and maintain. Their simple design and robust construction ensure a long life and trouble free operation. The ready availability of spare parts also ensures that there is minimum downtime.     
Manual capsule fillers are ideal for a large variety of encapsulation operations that require low volume output such as hospital pharmacies, R&D laboratories and small manufacturing business.
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Throughput 9000 samples/hr



AL-90 Capsule Filler

AL-90 Capsule Filler

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ACG North America is the U.S. subsidiary of ACG Worldwide, the second largest capsule manufacturer in the world and the only company to offer pharmaceutical,...

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