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Designed for the maximum flexibility in counting of tablets, pills, operculated capsules, transparent and opaque soft gel, the FTC 12 is the perfect solution to satisfy all counting needs of the pharmaceutical market.   
All parts in contact with the product are removable in less than 5 minutes and are manufactured using AISI 316 L or FDA approved material.   
The HMI is a Siemens industrial PC equipped with a wide, color touch screen; each function has been designed according to the GMP norms.
Weight 800 kg
Additional Specifications MECHANICAL SPEED:   
60 bottles/minute    
O.D. of round bottle: from 20 to 80 mm   
Total bottle height, without closure: from 55 to 185 mm   
Tablets Diameter: from 5 to 20 mm   
Capsules Size: from 000 to 5


  • Electronic counting & filling machine;   
  • Designed to automatically count: tablets, coated tablets (dragées), hard & soft gelatine capsules, lozenges;   
  • Counting head with plates at 12 channels mounted on 3 vibratory trays;   
  • Photocells performing counting while tablets are falling down into the container;   
  • Motorized adjustment of counting head's height;   
  • S.S. AISI 304 structure;   
  • Parts in contact with product made by SS AISI 316 or FDA approved material;   
  • Vibrating block completely isolated from the frame;   
  • Compliant to gmp rules;   
  • Touch screen colour interface allowing user-friendly operations;   
  • The machine is managed by a Siemens or Allen Bradley industrial pc allowing maximum reliability and conformity to the highest gmp requirements.
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