PerkinElmer Evolution P3


Evolution P3

The Evolution P3 (EP3) Precision Pipetting Platform is a flexible automated liquid handler for low-to-high throughput microplate applications using 96-channel disposable tip dispense heads. The EP3 can easily be configured to perform many common lab applications including Genomic and Proteomic sample preparations, compound management, cell-based assays and other HTS applications.


  • Pipetting precision 0.5 µL   
  • Equipped with 96-channel dispensing head, 16-position deck   
  • Includes SelectPro Fluid Processor, interface/communications module
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    Perkin Elmer P3 Evolution Precision Pipetting System

    Perkin Elmer P3 Evolution Precision Pipetting System

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    X motor homing error

    On the p3 all axes except the X axis are homing on setup.  To check the step motor I plugged in the x motor cable and encoder into the y controller and it works fine so I know it is something wrong with the controller itself. There are what...

    Error 57

    Instrument will not initialize. Old system . did pe ever move to comm 1? Or always on pci board? Error message Init error can channel not present on mdp1 check that canbus driver is installed and running and head board is NOT present

    P3 Evolution Liquid Hanldler

    Anyone know where the Default Deck button (mentioned in WinPrep Help) is located?

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