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Legend RT

The Legend RT is a general-purpose tabletop centrifuge for biotechnological and pharmaceutic research that moves high capacity centrifugation onto the fast track. It spins more tubes, at higher RCFs, more rapidly than competitive instrument       
s, and can process nominally three liters of sample in a single run. There are       
various rotors available that can achieve high RCFs and accommodate a wide range of accessories for all common tube types, micro titer and deep well plates.       
The user-friendly "QUIKset" control panel permits easy selection of speed, RCF value, run time and deceleration profile, as well as temperature of the Legend™ RT. You can switch from speed to RCF display and vice versa, with a touch of a button and even during a run.
Legend RT
Centrifuge Type General Purpose
Maximum RCF 24400 xg
Maximum Speed 15000 rpm
Orientation Benchtop
Refrigerated Yes_
Speed Range 300 to 15000 rpm
Depth 26.2 in
Height 14.3 in
Width 28.7 in
Power Requirements 120V 60 Hz
Weight 288 lbs
Additional Specifications Cabinet: frame galvanized steel      
Chamber: stainless steel      
Drive: Brushless induction drive      
Key pad and display: key pad and display elements covered by an easy-care continuous surface      
Control: Microprocessor driven by "QUIKset®"      
Main memory: Recalls last run parameters      
Advanced features: RCF-programming, quick run, pretemp *, temperature control during standby      
Deceleration profiles: 3 deceleration profiles      
Rotor identification: automatic      
SMARTspinTM imbalance detection system: electronic, effective as a function of rotor and speed      
Soft touch lid lock motor assisted lid locking     
Max Speed:    
Legend RT+:4600rpm (4570xg)     
Max Speed :
Angle Rotor :   
15000 rpm (24,400xg)     
Max Capacity Swing Out Rotor :   
4x750ml, 28x50ml con, 108x5/7ml vac, 84x10ml vac, 4x4 microplates and 2x filter-column plates.     
Max Capacity Angle Rotor :   
6x250ml, 14x50ml con, 6x94ml, 48x2ml, 8x50c     
Control System:    
Digital Set-Point, Microprocessor; self-diagnostics


Unmatched versatility, exceptional throughput     
Sorvall Legend T Plus and RT Series Benchtop Centrifuges offer industry-leading capacity and performance for a three-liter tabletop centrifuge. Nine swinging-bucket rotor configurations and seven fixed-angle rotors are available. Rotor systems designed to handle up to 108 x 5/7ml blood collection tubes, 28x50ml conical tubes or 6x250ml bottles in a single run allow you to achieve greater levels of productivity.      
Unsurpassed productivity with high-capacity accessories     
New carbon fiber rotors from FIBERLite® provide an advanced alternative to traditional metal rotors. Lightweight and easy to handle, these rotors generate less wear on the centrifuge motor and are resistant to corrosion, fatigue and repeated autoclaving. Spin up to 14x50ml conical tubes in a single run. Achieve superspeed performance with RCFs over 24000xg on the benchtop. Safely perform high RCF, single-step separations using sterile, disposable conical tubes.     
Enhanced user and sample safety     
Sorvall Legend T Plus and RT Series Benchtop Centrifuges: The next generation Legend in sample preparation. The SMARTspin® imbalance detection system allows for eye balancing of samples with automatic termination of a run if excessive imbalance occurs. Automatic rotor recognition ensures precise rotor performance while preventing the use of incorrect accessories or parameters.     
User-friendly operation
The EASYset™ soft-touch keypad allows for one-touch control of speed, programming and pre-cooling functions. A bright, easy-to-read LED display allows easy monitoring from across the lab.


Sorvall Legend RT

Sorvall Legend RT

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Sorvall Legend RT error code E-29

What exactly does E-29 mean when the Sorvall Legend RT centrifuge shows this in the display?  I've changed the circuit board attached to the bottom of the motor, which is a combination tach sensor/ imbalance detector.  I still saw E-29...

trunnion grease

I have a question for not just this unit, but all bucket rotors and centrifugeswhat is the best bucket trunnion grease for refrigerated centrifuges, and what is best for non refrigerated centrifuges.I know there are the brands, but does it have to...

Legend RT error 30

The manual calls for main PCB, the user said that she heard a small explosion when she pressed it start.  It now only displays E-30 when powered on, I don't see any blown caps on main board, also checked relay and start cap for the...

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