Asynt ReactoMate Pilot


ReactoMate Pilot

The ReactoMate Pilot Jacketed Reactors offer precise control of reaction variables, powerful direct drive over-head stirring and excellent reaction visibility even at sub ambient temperatures with the vacuum jacket option.         
5L ReactoMate Pilot with Presto A40          
10L ReactoMate Pilot with Presto A40          
20L ReactoMate Pilot with Presto A40


  • Double (vacuum) jacketed reaction vessel with high capacity zero dead space bottom drain valve.         
  • PTFE multi neck reaction lid including clamp and o-ring.         
  • ReactorMate-Pilot Super Support System with adjustable height during operation.         
  • Julabo Presto A40 high performance heating/cooling circulator.         
  • Insulated hoses and fittings.         
  • High performance oil for –40C to 250C.         
  • PTFE Turbine Stirrer and vacuum tight guide.         
  • IKA RW60 high power digital overhead stirrer motor.
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    ReactoMate Pilot

    ReactoMate Pilot

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