Reichert Technologies Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter


Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter

The Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter is available in two models. One provides a digital counting display feature. Both models include the following features: An adjustable dish holder for centering round dishes with diameters up to 100mm and square culture plates up to 100mm x 100mm. An optional 1.5X auxiliary lens fits over the standard lens increasing magnification to 3.0X. The adjustable focusing rod allows the 1.5X standard lens to be raised or lowered. The lens also rotates a full 360º for ready access to culture plates. A built-in tilt leg may be mounted in the front or rear of the instrument allowing a convenient tilt angle, or it may be locked flat to the instrument base. A white-ruled Wolffheugel counting plate is included.
Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter
Additional Specifications "Manual counter and Manual Counter with Electronic Counting Probe and Digital Readout.
Available in either 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz ."


Even, glare-free illumination. Light is spread uniformly over the entire culture plate. Colonies are bright and easily distinguished. Adjustable dish holder for centering both round dishes and square culture plates. Adjustable focusing rod. Lens rotates a full 360º. Built-in tilt leg. Optional 1.5X auxiliary lens fits over standard lens, increasing magnification to 3X.


Darkfield Colony Counter

Darkfield Colony Counter

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