TILL Photonics Polychrome V monochromator


Polychrome V monochromator

The Polychrome V is an ultra fast switching monochromator with a fully digital high precision galvanometer driven grating. Whether you do high speed ratio imaging experiments, GFP-imaging with a variety of fluorophores to be distinguished, FRET with the faintest signals to be detected, Photometry with very high time resolution or TIRF in combination with wide?, the Polychrome V with its optimized condensers for all major microscopes is your superior companion.
Polychrome V monochromator
Power Requirements 110 V
Weight 9.5 kg
Additional Specifications Wavelength range:     
320 nm to 680 nm     
Lamp type:     
150 W Xenon high stability lamp     
Lamp lifetime:      
2000 h (average)     
Output power:     
> 10mW at 470 nm with new lamp     
scanner mounted diffraction grating     
Half-power bandwidth:     
15 nm     
Λ ? switch speed:     
up to 400 nm/ms     
Optical fiber:     
UV/Vis quartz/quartz fiber, length 2 m or 3 m     
voltage (?10 V to +10 V), RS232, trigger in and out     
Operating voltage:     
110 V ? 120 V, 210 V ? 240 V     
Size (cm):     
42 x 24 x 21


  • Exceptional stability of the light output     
  • DSP driven control for highest precision     
  • Longer life expectance of bulb and light guide     
  • Stand alone and more compact ? no external control box or power supply needed     
  • More versatile ? as many wavelengths as you wish     
  • UV?Vis enhanced     
  • Easy optical coupling to standard microscopes ? also fits in your existing setup     
  • Continuously variable bandwidth control (optional)     
  • Variable intensity control 0 ? 100%, in steps of 10% (optional)
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    Polychrome V Monochromator

    Polychrome V Monochromator

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