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Vortex-Genie 2

The Vortex-Genie® 2 mixer blends fluids quickly and thoroughly with a true vortex action that prevents spilling, even when tubes must be uncapped. It is capable of ranges from gentle yet thorough shaking action to extremely vigorous vortexing depending on the attachment chosen. The operator completely controls the mix of test tubes, beakers and flasks by varying the speed of the motor and/or the angle of contact and pressure against the mixing head.

Also Available: Vortex-Genie 2 Digital and Vortex-Genie 2T (with timer).
Vortex-Genie 2
Maximum Shaking Speed 3200 rpm
Mixer Type Basic vortex shaking mixer
Shaking Speed 600-3200 (2700 for 50Hz models)
Timer Touch On: N/A Hands-Free: N/A
Depth 6.5 in
Height 6.5 in
Width 4.8 in
Power Requirements 120/230 V, 50/60 Hz, North American, Euro, British, Swiss plug
Weight 8.8 lbs
Additional Specifications Supplied: 3-inch Platform, Pop-off Cup


Shaking or Vortexing Action. Variable speed control allows slow speed shaking action up to high speed vortexing. In addition, each attachment is designed to produce different mixing actions, allowing users to choose the correct action for each application.

Multi-Task Versatility. A broad range of attachments of various shapes, sizes, and materials allows for mixing of almost all common tubes or containers for Hands-Free or Touch operation. (See Accessories)

Hands-Free or Touch. A 3-position power switch operates with continuous action or "Touch On" control. With the true "Hands-Free" operation of continuous action, lab operators can greatly increase lab efficiency.

Does not walk. Tough metal housing combined with "just enough weight", provides a stable platform for all types of mixing.

Unmatched Reliability. Many years of proven performance in laboratories all over the world.


  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
  • Vortex-Genie® 2
Vortex-Genie® 2

Vortex-Genie® 2

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