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ReadyToProcess WAVE 25

The single-use ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor system is a reliable and intuitive cell culture device for working volumes in the 0.3 to 25 L range. Designed to meet the demands of a regulated environment, the system offers reliable performance, accurate process control, and ease-of-use.   
The ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 system consists of a rocker (ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 Rocker), control units (ReadyToProcess CBCU), and pumps (ReadyToProcess Pump 25), all operated by UNICORN software installed on a client computer.   
ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 provides the possibility of single or dual cultures. When dual mode is used, two cultivations can be run using different bag sizes and/or working volumes. Parameters such as temperature, pH, DO, and pump speed can be controlled independently in the two separate Cellbag bioreactors.
ReadyToProcess WAVE 25
Depth 560 mm
Height 404 mm
Width 205 mm
Weight 24 kg
Additional Specifications Application            
Variety of cell culture applications involving mammalian, insect, and plant cells:           
• Batch culture           
• Fed-batch culture           
• Perfusion culture           
• Cultivation of adherent cells           
Operating Conditions            
ambient temperature range 15°C to 32°C           
humidity range 20% to 80% (noncondensing)           
Rocking Angle            
2° - 12°           
Rocking Rate 2 - 40 rocks/min           
Power Consumption            
1500 VA           
100 to 240 V, ~50 to 60 Hz


ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 Rocker   
The ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 rocker features integrated temperature sensors and load cells, designed for convenient handling and control of cell cultures up to 25 L. A filter heater is delivered with the system.   
ReadyToProcess CBCU   
The CBCU is a component of the ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor system. It provides gas to the culture, and monitors pH and/or dissolved oxygen. The compact system contains a controller for mass flow, sensors for gas pressure and O? and CO? concentrations, and transmitters for pH and DO. An optical fiber cable (Bag Sensor Adaptor 2.5m Assy Item) is delivered with the system.   
ReadyToProcess Pump 25   
The ReadyToProcess Pump 25 has a flow range covering multiple applications, from additions of feed and base to perfusion culturing.   
UNICORN 7.0 is a simple, yet flexible, system control software for research, process development, and manufacturing.


  • ReadyToProcess WAVE 25
  • ReadyToProcess WAVE 25
  • ReadyToProcess WAVE 25
  • ReadyToProcess WAVE 25
ReadyToProcess WAVE 25

ReadyToProcess WAVE 25

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  I am in the process of developing and executing an IQOQ for a new WAVE 25 system.  Has anyone performed their own IQOQ on the WAVE 25 system who might be able to provide me with a reference or template IQOQ document for the system? 

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Hello! I am wondering what spare parts are necessary to buy when you purchase the WAVE 25 and where I could find the manual.           

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Overall Satisfaction Rating: 1 out of 5
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Had a number of issues with this instrument. Mainly to do with t Unicorn 7.0 control software which was designed to control an AKTA prcess skid an...

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