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AKTA start

ÄKTA start is a preparative chromatography system for laboratory scale protein purification.   
ÄKTA start is designed as a stand-alone system, with intuitive design, simple flow path, and user-friendly interface. With ÄKTA start it is easy to purify a wide variety of proteins using built-in quick start methods or predefined templates, or by creating your own methods.   
ÄKTA start can be combined with the Frac30 fraction collector, the user-friendly UNICORN™ start 1.0 control software, and application-focused prepacked columns for an automated solution.
AKTA start
Depth 280 mm
Height 360 mm
Width 340 mm
Power Requirements 100 to 240 VAC 50 to 60 Hz
Weight 8 kg
Additional Specifications System configuration         
Bench-top system         
System control         
Instrument display and/or UNICORN start         
Connection between PC and instrument         
Power consumption         
95 VA         
Enclosure protective class         
Fast blow glass tube type, F5AL250V


  • Compact solution for quick and reliable one-step protein purification         
  • Sample injection and fraction collection options         
  • Quick start methods and templates for common purification techniques         
  • Intuitive touchscreen display and real-time monitoring
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    AKTA start

    AKTA start

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    No connection between Äkta start and PC.

      I am trying to start up our newly purchased Äkta Start system with Unicorn 1.2. I get no connection between the computer and the PC. What to do?

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