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Prominence UFLC

The Prominence UFLC System is up to 10 times faster than a conventional HPLC system that uses a 5-µm particle column. This performance is achieved while maintaining high-quality analytical results not possible on specialized systems that incorporate design concessions due to extreme pressure requirements.   
Key to the system is the SIL-20A autosampler, capable of a 10-second injection cycle while delivering <0.3 % RSD area repeatability. Prominence UFLC also successfully reduces carryover by inhibiting the adsorption of samples through precise engineering and the prudent choice of wetted materials in the flow path. The durability of the injection mechanism is evident from 100,000 cycle tests showing no degradation in performance.  
With Shim-pack XR Series columns, Prominence UFLC can provide high-speed, high-resolution analysis at pressures below 30 MPa (300 kgf/cm2). The columns are available with inner diameters of 2, 3 or 4.6 mm and lengths of 30, 50, 75 or 100 mm, allowing FAST LC to be performed on conventional HPLC equipment.  
With its micro-plunger design, the LC-20AD solvent-delivery system provides unmatched gradient resolution and reproducibility, and has a delivery range of 100 nL/min to 10 mL/min. Prominence UFLC is versatile and can accept an assortment of flow-control valves and a column-switching system, allowing it to be used for many other applications, such as two-dimensional HPLC or micro to semi-micro analysis.  
When presented with a unique challenge that demands the use of longer columns for extra resolution, users can convert their current Prominence UFLC to a Prominence UFLCXR system, which is capable of system pressures up to 9500 psi (66MPa). Unlike many high-pressure systems, the system delivers data with high integrity and reproducibility, a result of fully re-engineered components in the injection valve. Together, they represent the ultimate solution for ultra-fast analysis.
Prominence UFLC
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ULTRA FAST – Amazing Speed and Performance  
The Prominence UFLC and the new XR Columns combine to achieve 10x the speed of separation compared to a conventional HPLC system. Furthermore the high-speed injection mechanism of the Prominence SIL-20A sample injector significantly reduces overall cycle time by minimizing the time between runs. This autosampler speed, along with an inert "needle in line" flow path design, allows for rapid cycle times without the carryover (As demonstrated on the Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex API 5000TM system) or complexity that can result from inject ahead methods. Additionally, the excellent resolution of the new columns increases the possibility of analyzing samples that are not sufficiently separated by conventional HPLC.   
UNQUESTIONABLE FIDELITY – Both Repeatability and Speed   
The Shimadzu high-precision solvent delivery system provides excellent durability and precision due to its micro displacement pump design and resolution of delivery steps. This pump resolution is necessary to perform steep gradient profiles required for high-speed HPLC. After extended-use endurance tests, the autosampler demonstrates excellent repeatability for small-volume injections due to its proprietary valves and design.   
The new XR columns were developed in consideration of separation, durability and applicable pressure. The 2.2um particle size with controlled particle size distribution skillfully balances separation efficiency, high-speed flow and pressure.   
Any Prominence system utilizing LC-20AB or LC-20AD pumps can be field upgraded to UFLC, thereby protecting the investment and allowing users to make smart choices.


Prominence UFLC

Prominence UFLC

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