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The Perkin Elmer 2380 is a double-beam, microcomputer-controlled atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The 2380 uses a high-dispersion monochromator with a dual-blazed grating and high-performance photomultiplier for maximum energy throughput over the wavelength range from 190 to 870 nm. Two sets of slits (Normal and Alternate) provide optimum performance with both flame and flameless techniques.
Graphite Furnace Yes
Optical System Double-beam optical system with high-dispersion monochromator
Wavelength Range 190 to 870 nm


  • Double-beam optical system with high-dispersion monochromator   
  • Two Sets of slits for optimal performance with flame or graphite furnace sampling  
  • Microcomputer electronics allows minimum keystroke operation  
  • Full four-digit readout  
  • Automatic Gain Control  
  • Automatic resloping at the push of one button  
  • Measurements in peak height or peak area  
  • Automatic calibration with 1, 2 or 3 standards  
  • Scale expansion continuously variable from 0.01 X to 100 X  
  • New burner chamber accommodates flow spoiler or impact bead  
  • Integration time continuously variable from 0.2to 60 seconds in 0.1-second intervals  
  • Statistics package which includes average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation  
  • Built-in interlocked gas controls with burner head safety interlock  
  • automatic nitrous oxide switching with acetylene boost and remote flame ignition  
  • Double-beam Deuterium Arc Background Corrector with BG ONLY mode selection.  


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