MilliporeSigma CellASIC® MiCA Microfluidic Cell Culture Arrays


CellASIC® MiCA Microfluidic Cell Culture Arrays

A breakthrough microfluidic perfusion plate that enables high quality cell culture in a 3D matrix. This array contains 32 independent micro-chambers designed to be user filled with an extracellular matrix (ECM) of your choice. Cells can be overlayed or embedded in the gel for long term perfusion culture. Perform multiple 3D ECM experiments at a fraction of the time and cost of alternate methods. Also works with 2D culture and surface coating. Formatted to a standard 96 well plate with a #1.5 thickness glass bottom, enabling high quality microscopy.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


  • Standard 96 well plate format       
  • Use only 5 ul of gel per chamber       
  • Continuous perfusion 3D culture       
  • Pump-free culture in a standard incubator       
  • #1.5 glass bottom for optimal imaging quality       
    Bio-mimetic Design       
    Our innovative microfluidic chamber designs enable continuous perfusion 3D cell culture analagous to in vivo biological systems. The 3D ECM (Matrigel, Geltrex, etc.) polymerizes in the chamber on a #1.5 thickness optical glass bottom for superior microscope imaging quality.       
    Passive Fluidics       
    By utilizing "passive" forces such as capillary action and gravity driven flow, we have eliminated the need for external pumps. Simply pipet your solutions into the designated wells and place into a standard incubator, just like any 96 well plate. This design is automation friendly and compatible with 96-well liquid dispensers, incubators, etc.
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    • MiCA Microfluidic Cell Array
    • MiCA Microfluidic Cell Array
    MiCA Microfluidic Cell Array

    MiCA Microfluidic Cell Array

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