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Supelco, a division of Sigma-Aldrich, has expanded the Ascentis Express product line, a family of innovative high-purity liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns designed to provide the analysis speed and resolving power of sub-2-micron columns with a 50% reduction in backpressure. Ascentis Express HILIC can perform high-speed and high-resolution analyses on highly polar compounds.

The enabling technology for Ascentis Express is the Fused-Core™ particle. These high-purity silica particles measure 2.7 microns overall with a 0.5 micron-thick porous shell. Relative to columns using conventional sub-2-micron particles, Ascentis Express columns generate comparable efficiencies but with half the backpressure.


There are five key user benefits with the Ascentis Express HPLC Columns:

1. Hyper-Fast Separations
  • Designed for high flow rates and sample throughput, especially LC-MS
  • Half of the backpressure of sub-2-µm particles

    2. High-Definition Resolution
  • Twice the efficiency of 3 µm particles
  • Longer columns permit doubling the plates over sub-2-µm particles
  • Shortest analyte diffusion path

    3. Super-Sensitive
  • Sharper peaks provide better Signal:Noise

    4. Super-Rugged
  • Narrowest particle size distribution
  • 2µm porosity frits like most rugged conventional columns

    5. A Family of selectivities that rivals the competition
  • C18, RP-Amide, Phenyl-Hexyl, C8, HILIC
  • Match competitor selectivitiy and performance at lower pressure
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    I am very interested in using this column to shorten a 70 minute, stability indicating isocratic assay. The plan is to use the shortened assay for commercial support using conventional HPLC My concern is the product line stable...

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