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BioStore II

BioStore II is designed with a focus on reliability and sample integrity and storage density with a modular architecture to maximize flexibility.     
BioStore II is based on the expertise gained from 10 years of -80°C automated storage development and operation.
BioStore II
Depth 3470 cm
Height 2800 cm
Width 6570 cm
Additional Specifications Floor loading 
0.825 pound/inch2 
Electrical power supply 
Both 1-phase and 3-phase electricity 
(Exact voltage and frequency dependent on geographical location)


A common storage system, configurable and scalable for a variety of applications:     
Capacity from 700,000 to over 5,000,000 (96-way tubes)     
Functional Modules (input/output, imaging, picking...) selected at point of order and/or upgrade later     
Space Efficient - Designed for high density     
Sample Integrity     
Innocent (unpicked) samples remain at the storage temperature     
Options for -80°C sample picking: samples stay at -80°C right up until output from the store     
Ultra low humidity prevents frosting of samples     
Dual redundant refrigeration system, with the option of LN2 backup.     
Native REMP tube punching: the REMP microtubes with foil seal are ideal for a single freeze thaw cycle sample flow     
Designed for reliability and serviceability     
Configurations built from standard, proven, sub-systems


BioStore II

BioStore II

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Input Voltage

In your documentation you state: Both single phase and 3 phase power. Do you mean either single phase or 3 phase power?

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