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Bubble Trap

Hygienic bubble trap applications provide a sanitary solution for pharmaceutical companies wanting to remove air bubble and unwanted gas from process fluids. L.J. Star bubble traps are available as standard in sizes ranging from four to ten inches and in custom designs.       
A bubble trap specifically designed for sanitary service. The trap is the first of its kind in that it is designed to be crevice-free and self-draining, efficiently removing unwanted gas or air bubbles in process fluids without areas where harmful bacteria can accumulate. Additionally, these traps are ASME BPE compliant with full traceability on all wetted components, gaskets meet USP Class VI and are FDA compliant and fully traceable. The surface finish is 15Ra with electropolish, they utilize hygienic sealing O-rings and there are no threads exposed. Washdown is simple and efficient and both disassembly and reassembly are quickly and easily accomplished. L.J. Star pharmaceutical bubble traps provide a user with assurance that the trap will function and remain sterilized with less need for frequent SIP/CIP cleaning and associated downtime. Most significantly they reduce the risk of product contamination which can cost thousands of dollars and require time-consuming cleaning of the entire process. L.J. Star sanitary-service traps are available as standard in sizes ranging from four to ten inches and in custom designs. A Sizing Guide is available to assist with your specific application and are competitively priced and backed by individual expert engineering support.



Bubble Trap

Bubble Trap

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