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IntelliSwitch II

The fully-automatic IntelliSwitch II™ gas switchover is CONCOA’s revolutionary new generation of gas management systems. The IntelliSwitch II™ features an onboard web server and proprietary embedded software, allowing remote monitoring, secure system configuration, and e-mail notification of real-time system status and events. It is ideally suited to interchangeable service/continuous supply in analytical laboratory, chemical process, instrumentation, and critical gas supply applications. The IntelliSwitch II™ offers continuous pressure and flow control from liquid or high pressure cylinder sources. The end-user selects the ideal mode of supply by the simple push of a button. Proprietary software logic lowers yearly gas costs by eliminating liquid cylinder vent loss and excess residual return. It is these features which make the IntelliSwitch II™ the perfect gas management system.   
The user can select from any model of delivery liquid cylinders to high pressure cylinders. The end user selects the ideal mode of supply by the simple push of a button. Where pressure is controlled by other devices or where pressure control is not required, the 544 provides a reliable and continuous gas supply.


544 IntelliSwitch IIv

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Temperature Range 0 to 140 °F
Power Requirements 110 or 220 VAC
Weight 30.4 kg
Additional Specifications Maximum Inlet Pressure  
3000 PSIG (210 BAR)  
4500 PSIG (310 BAR)*  
Flow Capacity  
Cv = 1.0  
40 micron  
Inlet Connection  
1/2" FPT  
Outlet Connection  
1/2" FPT  
*Requires external pilot gas
538 Series IntelliSwitch II

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Maximum Pressure 210 bar
Temperature Range 0 to 140 °C
Gas Generated Nitrogen C02
Depth 235 mm
Height 498 mm
Width 15.5 mm
Power Requirements 10 or 220 VAC
Weight 30.4 kg
Additional Specifications Flow Capacity
Cv = 1.0
40 micron
Inlet Connection
1/2" FPT
Outlet Connection
1/2" FPT


Hinged door for easy access   
• Internal delivery pressure adjustment – eliminating possibility of tampering   
• Internal, switch settable input AC power selection.   
• Normally Open/Normally Closed relay contacts for alarm outputs   
• Direct compatibility with CONCOA Advantium PLUS alarms   
• Enhanced operating software   
- Expanded system diagnostics and troubleshooting   
- Built in transducer calibration   
- Parameter settings via web server   
- Remote monitoring via web server   
- Email capability via web server   
Regulator and Valve Bodies   
Brass barstock   
Valve Stems   
316L stainless steel   
Valve Seats   
PTFE, PCTFE and Viton®   
Enclosure NEMA 4   
Powder-coated steel


IntelliSwitch II

IntelliSwitch II

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