VACUUBRAND CVC3000 detect Electronic Vacuum Controller


CVC3000 detect Electronic Vacuum Controller

The CVC 3000 detect is a ready-to-use two-set-point, bench-top vacuum controller. (It is also available in a model designed for attachment to a lab scaffold.) The unit consists of a CVC 3000 electronic vacuum controller with an integrated ceramic diaphragm vacuum sensor and vent valve, a check valve and a chemical-resistant solenoid valve. The result is a very compact, easy-to-use unit for vacuum control that brings programmable vacuum control to available vacuum sources - such as oil-free vacuum pumps - that you already own.        
The CVC3000 detect is fully programmable, storing up to 10 programs of 10 steps each, so that complex applications can be managed automatically and reproducibly. The "detect" function can automatically detect a boiling point, permitting automatic pump-down control to the first boiling point of a mixture, facilitating solvent evaporations. The electronic control increases the process efficiency and decisively improves solvent recovery so that the environment is protected and service intervals of the vacuum pump are extended. The graphical display and turn-and-tap jogwheel control make operation and programming particularly user friendly.
CVC3000 detect Electronic Vacuum Controller
Depth 181 mm
Height 174 mm
Width 162 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Additional Specifications Vacuum sensor        
Upper measuring limit mbar/torr        
1080 / 810       
Lower measuring limit mbar/torr        
0.1 / 0.1       
Measurement principle        
Ceramic diaphragm (alumina), capacitive, gas indep., absolute pressure       
Measurement uncertainty        
< +- 1 mbar/hPa/torr / +- 1 digit (after adjustment, constant temp.)       
Temperature coefficient        
< 0.07 mbar/hPa/0.05 torr /K       
Venting valve, connection        
Integrated, hose nozzle DN 4-5 mm       
Ambient temperature range (operation) °C        
10 - 40       
Ambient temperature range (storage) °C        
-10 - 60       
Max. media temp. for continuous operation / short times °C        
40 / 80       
Material of outer housing        
Robust plastic housing with good chemical resistance       
Degree of protection        
IP 20       
Degree of protection of front side (also built-in version)        
IP 42       
Max. power for VACUU·BUS® (24V DC)        
4 A       
Cable length of external power supply m        
RS 232C


  • Detect function for independent vapor pressure detection - time saving for other tasks       
  • Compact unit with chemically resistant vacuum valve and common laboratory hose connections - immediately ready for use       
  • The vacuum measuring is integrated within the valve block - direct connection of the CVC 3000 detect between pump and vacuum application       
  • Integrated venting valve - simple pressure balance or ventilation with inert gas at the end of the process       
  • Non-return valve - no interference of parallel applications at a common vacuum source
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    CVC 3000 detect

    CVC 3000 detect

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