MilliporeSigma guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometry system


guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometry system

Our microcapillary flow cytometry systems are simpler to operate than traditional sheath-fluid based instruments and are far easier to maintain. They utilize small sample volumes, generate minimal waste, and have lower operating costs. As a result, guava easyCyte™ flow cytometers are uniquely amenable to on-demand use in the laboratory environment and have helped many scientists achieve insightful cellular analysis since 1998.   
The guava easyCyte™ flow cytometry systems are cost-effective, easy to use and deliver complete and comprehensive cell analysis- right on your benchtop. The culmination of over a decade of flow cytometry expertise, these instruments consume less sample, generate less waste and are easier to use and maintain than traditional flow cytometers—all while providing the analytical power you need to expand your research horizons.
guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometry system
Depth 45.1 cm
Height 22.2 cm
Width 44.5 cm
Power Requirements 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 120W
Weight 32.4 kg
Additional Specifications Temperature:    
16°–35°C (60°–95°F)   
10–90% relative humidity (non-condensing)    
Signal Processing:   
Digital Signal Processing    
Dynamic Range:   
4.0 decades or 5.0 decades (customer option)    
Single Tube Loader or Automated 96-well Plate Loader


Sample handling formats for both tubes and 96-well plates   
Automated Sampling for 96-well Plates    
Single Sample Loading for Tubes   
No Sheath Fluid - Direct sampling using the patented microcapillary system   
All guava easyCyte™ systems use a unique, microcapillary flow cell for easy operation and minimal maintenance.   
Direct Absolute counts without reference beads   
Compatible with many common Fluorochrome Dyes   
Compatibility with automated liquid handlers   
Robust Optics with Modulation   
Single Laser Configurations
guava easyCyte™ 5 & 5HT System Optical Layout   
guava easyCyte™ 6 & 6HT System Optical Layout   
Dual Laser Configurations   
guava easyCyte™ 6-2L & 6HT-2L System Optical Layout    
Versatile & User Friendly Software   
guava easyCyte™ 8 & 8HT System Optical Layout   
Three Laser Configuration   
Alternative laser and filter options


guava easyCyte benchtop flow cytometers

guava easyCyte benchtop flow cytometers

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Crash & Unresponsive Mid-Run

Happens infrequently, but when running samples in 96 well format, the guava/incyte software stops and will draw up all of the volume in the well without registering any counts. after this the guava and incyte software will be unresponsive and...

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