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Leica DCM8 is the latest evolution in non-contact 3D optical surface metrology. Designed to help you maximize efficiency, it unites the advantages of High Definition confocal microscopy with interferometry into one versatile, dual-core system. Ultra-fast analysis is ensured thanks to one-click mode selection, sophisticated software and HD confocal scanning without moving parts.     
Fully adaptable to your sample, the system can be configured with a wide range of Leica objectives, motorized stages and columns. To meet your documentation needs the system includes a HD CCD camera and 4 LED light sources (RGB and white), delivering impressive realistic color imaging.     
Whether you are working in production or research, the Leica DCM8 delivers the accurate, repeatable metrological analysis results you need in order to optimize material performance.
Objective 1.25× up to 150× in confocal, brightfield and darkfield mode
Upright Type Material Science
Microscope Type Confocal
Depth 573 mm
Height 569 mm
Width 390 mm
Weight 48 kg
Additional Specifications Measuring Principle   
Dual Core Optical Imaging Profilometry (Confocal and Interferometry) non-contact, 3D   
HD Imaging, HD 3D Topography, Profiles, Coordinates, Thickness, Roughness, Volume, Surface Texture, Spectral Analysis, Color Analysis, etc.   
Contrast modes   
HD Confocal, HD Interferometry (PSI, ePSI, VSI), HD Brightfield Color, Brightfield, Darkfield,Real Time HD RGB Confocal   
Sample height   
40 mm standard; up to 150 mm with adjustable column; larger sample height possible on   
From 1.25× up to 150× in confocal, brightfield and darkfield mode; from 5x up to 50×   
in interferometry mode   
6-fold objective revolver manual / 6-fold objective revolver motorized   
Stage scan range (x,y,z) Vertical: z = 40 mm; lateral: xy = standard 100 x 75 mm or up to 300 x 300 mm. Larger stages possible on request   
Vertical scan range   
Confocal 40 mm, PSI 20mm, ePSI 100mm, VSI 10 mm   
LED light sources: red (630 nm), green (530 nm), blue (460 nm) and white   
Image Acquisition   
CCD B&W Sensor: 1360 x 1024 pixels (full resolution); B&W 35 FPS   
True Color / Confocal: 3 FPS (full resolution), 10 FPS (half resolution), 15 FPS Live Confocal   
Sample Reflectivity   
0.1% - 100%   
Operating conditions   
Temperature: 10° to 35° C; Relative Humidity (RH) < 80% RH altitude < 2000 m   
Vibration Isolation   
Active or passive   
(50 x magnification)   
Confocal / VSI: error = 0.003mm (3 nm); PSI: error = 0.16 nm (0.00016mm)   
Accuracy (20 x magnification)   
With open loop: < 3% relative error; with closed loop: < 20 nm error


Get the best accuracy and repeatability     
Capture surface data quickly     
Analyze results efficiently     
Easily adapt to your sample     
Acquire stunning images     
Get reliable results today and tomorrow




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