Labcyte MicroClime Environmental Lid


MicroClime Environmental Lid

The use of MicroClime lids enables you to use all the wells in your microplate, from edge to center. This can increase your microplate productivity by up to 37%. The MicroClime lids also eliminate damaging edge effects which might occur due to long-term cell incubation. The MicroClime environmental lids are compatible with a wide variety of SBS standard microplates.   
Available in COC, SBS fit, and sterile configurations


  • Eliminate microplate edge effects   
  • Increase microplate efficiency by up to 37%   
  • Seamless integration   
  • Compatible with a wide range of solvents   
  • Can be filled manually or with automated bulk fillers
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    The MicroClime environmental lid—bottom view

    The MicroClime environmental lid—bottom view

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    refilling the lid

    Can you refill or reuse the lid? How long will it take for the liquid in the lid to dry out?

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