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Maya LSL

The combination of a low-stray light optical system and a high-sensitivity detector makes the Maya LSL ideal for high performance spectroscopic measurements.   
Applications in transmission and absorption spectroscopy benefit from lower stray light, so the Maya LSL is a good choice to increase the linear working range.   
The combination of low stray light and high sensitivity also allow for very precise color measurements to be made very quickly.
Maya LSL
Depth 151.2 mm
Height 65.2 mm
Width 151.2 mm
Weight 1.6 kg


Increased measurement range from low stray light: <0.015% @ 400 nm   
Increased accuracy with a wide dynamic range: 15,000:1 (typical)   
High sensitivity through a signal to noise ratio of 450:1 at full signal   
Visible to near-IR measurements: 360-825 nm


Maya LSL

Maya LSL

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