ILT ILT950 / ILT950UV Portable Spectroradiometer Systems


ILT950 / ILT950UV Portable Spectroradiometer Systems

Most Cost-Effective, Fully Integrated, CCD-based Spectroradiometer Family Available with ISO17025 Accredited Calibration   
The ILT950 is equally at home on the production floor as well as the laboratory combining high performance, accuracy, ease of use, and a wide array of features all in a rugged, compact, portable design.   
The excellent performance of the ILT950 has been improved even further with the addition of a new machined optical bench for reduced stray light and improved thermal stability.   
The ILT950 and ILT950UV spectroradiometers also now use the new higher pixel SONY CCD array for improved performance including nearly 50% more sensitivity over the entire spectral region, and higher S/N ratio increased from 200:1 to 300:1 with larger quantum well depth.   
These improvements combined with the new features in our powerful SpectriLight III software, including PAR µmol/m²/s, Metamerism, and baseline overlay comparisons, make the ILT950 a top performer in the CCD array spectroradiometer market.   
Two Versions:   
ILT950: 250-1050 nm / Resolution: 1.4 nm with 25 micron slit    
ILT950UV: 200-450 nm / Resolution: >1 nm with 50 micron slit
ILT950 / ILT950UV Portable Spectroradiometer Systems
Depth 7 in
Height 1.6 in
Width 5 in
Additional Specifications NIST-Traceable/ISO17025 Accredited Calibration   
CCD Array:   
2048 Pixel Sony   
Focal Length:   
75 mm   
Dynamic Range:   
Symmetrical Czerny-Turner Stray light:   
200nm - 350nm:±20% 
>350nm - 400 nm:±10%   
>400nm - 900nm:±5%   
>900nm - 1050nm:±10%


NIST-Traceable, ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Included   
ILT950 Applications include:   
Characterization of solar simulation   
Accelerated weathering   
Photostability testing   
UV curing systems   
Photobiology and photochemistry   
LED illumination and color analysis   
  • Automated time line measurements   
  • Access multiple calibration les   
  • Auto-integration simplifies user interactions   
  • Scan Average: 1 to 999 for reduced noise   
  • External Trigger   
  • Peak Find   
  • Enhanced scaling and zoom features including movable vertical cursors   
  • Export to ASCII text, report, or directly into Excel. Save screens/scans in multiple formats including .bmp, .jpg, and .png   
  • Powerful import data wizard can even import data from other spectrometers
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    ILT950 Shown with Integrating Sphere and laptop

    ILT950 Shown with Integrating Sphere and laptop

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