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DANI GC1000 gas chromatograph is very versatile and easy to use. Even with its extremely reduced dimensions it is fully equipped to satisfy the most demanding user. The flexible  
and adaptable basic structure can accommodate up to four injectors and detectors for packed and capillary columns.   
The system allows to easily move from a minimal to a very complicated configuration with minor changes and at very reduced costs.   
The oven is extremely spacious and easily accessible and contains many columns allowing for complex analytical configurations.   
All parameters can be controlled by a powerful internal microprocessor thereby guaranteeing total accuracy and repeatability of timing and temperatures.   
Electronic gas regulation, for both injectors and detectors, allows to include in the method timing, temperatures and all gas flow rates. Just recall the method previously stored to reproduce, from time to time and on different instruments, retention times and sensitivity with the utmost accuracy.   
The instrument also provides constant column flow rate operation to improve analysis results, whilst preserving the analytical column.


DANI GC 1000 has a complete range of detectors for the most various applications: 
  • Flame Ionization Detector FID 
  • Electron Capture Detector ECD 
  • Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector NPD 
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector TCD and micro TCD 
  • Photo Ionization Detector PID 
  • Flame Photometric Detector FPD
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    DANI  GC 1000

    DANI GC 1000

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