DANI Instruments ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler


ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler

The ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler can be used with all injectors, packed or capillary, in any analytical condition.   
Two sampling techinques, Regular and Flush&Dry, and three options of air volume and solvent, are combined to optimise sampling with different samples and injection techniques.   
The 51 samples, placed in a removable tray for easy loading, and the injection in two aligned injectors, guarantee high laboratory productivity.   
The ALS 1000 can be combined with the GC 1000 gas chromatograph to improve precision and increase productivity, automating the whole analysis process.   
All parameters of the ALS 1000 can be programmed directly on its keyboard and, through the acquisition software DANI DDS Clarity™, the injection parameters become integral part of the analytical method.



ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler

ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler

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DANI ALS 1000 adjustment

Hi all,I have recently purchased a used DANI GC1000 with an ALS1000. I have managed to adjust the autosampler on the sample, wash and waste positions but i can not adjust the vertical position on the FID. As a result the needle does not go down on...

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