Proton OnSite A3000P



Proton OnSite A3000P bench-top generator employs PSA technology with load following operation which automatically adjusts to match demand to produce high purity air from external source.   
  • Capable of supplying 3000 cc/min, complete with dryer and catalytic reactor for hydrocarbon removal <0.1 ppm   
  • Very high purity air guaranteed by the exclusive Proton PSA system (-60°C Dew point)   
  • Able to serve up to 8 FIDs/NPDs   
  • High-efficiency Platinum HC system for removal of HCTs < 0.1 ppm for an absolutely stable and disturbance-free baseline   
  • High performance at a competitive price   
  • Facility for integration with a dedicated air compressor   
  • Compact size, stackable   
Maximum Pressure 100 psi
Flow Rate 3 L/min
Gas Generated TOC
Construction PSA
Depth 21.3 in
Height 16.3 in
Width 16.3 in
Power Requirements 230 VAC , 50/ 60 Hz
Weight 110 lbs
Additional Specifications
  • Maintenance Diary    
  • Report Alarms    
  • Stackable    
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Features


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    Proton OnSite is a global leader in hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions. Since 1996, they have been developing and applying hydrogen technology...

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