Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener = better quality, increased productivity, profitability and versatility, with far less hassle and environmental impact. That summarizes the successful, business application equation for the CALIDUS microGC.     
The CALIDUS microGC is a fast programmed temperature micro gas chromatograph consisting of . . .     
Heated split/splitless injection port including septum purge and 350oC maximum operating temperatures. The inlet can accept gas or liquid syringe injections or optionally use an automated gas or liquid sample valve.     
Two column modules for simultaneous detection on two individual column types.     
Plug and play, precalibrated and individually programmed temperature column modules, enabling dual simultaneous analysis on the same sample, using different separation media and temperature profiles for maximum selectivity.     
Flame Ionization Detection and Thermal Conductivity Detection (constant temperature filament) are available.     
Maximum detector operating temperature is 350oC.     
ChromPerfect chromatography data system running on a Windows PC.     
System configurations enabling measurement of fixed gases up through components with boiling points equivalent to n-C50. Samples can be gas or liquid phase and can be directly injected into the split/splitless injection port. Optional SP/ME and other sampling methods are available.
GC System Type Micro
Depth 8.5 in
Height 11 in
Width 17 in
Power Requirements 100-240VAC using 50/60Hz AC.
Peak Power 300 W
Weight 25 lbs
Additional Specifications Performance (application dependent)     
Repeatability of ± 1% RSD or better (area) and of ± 0.1% RSD or better (retention times). Analysis times for VOCs can be <20 seconds and for SVOCs <60 seconds. Dynamic range depends on detector used and application (FID typically 10000)


FASTER – With analytical cycles 10 to 50 times faster than traditional     
gas chromatography, the CALIDUS microGC vastly increases responsiveness for the data consumer.     
– Elimination of the air bath column ovens, required for traditional gas chromatography drastically reduces the CALIDUS micro gas chromatograph footprint.     
SMARTER – Using modern computing with standard operating systems and software, the automated CALIDUS microGC frees valuable technical resources from the daily grind of interpreting and validating chromatographic results.     
EASIER – Proprietary, plug and play temperature-programmed gas chromatography column modules allow the CALIDUS microGC to avoid the complicated and troublesome valve schemes used in isothermal process analyzers and many lab gas chromatographs.     
GREENER – Green Process Analytical Chemistry. CALIDUS is greener – whether in the control laboratory, online in the processing plant, near line in the pilot plant or when transported for field measurements.




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