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A breakthrough approach to infrared microscopy that opens a whole new world of research possibilities. Spero™, by Daylight Solutions was designed from the ground up to provide a fully integrated mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging platform based on Daylight Solutions’ industry-leading Quantum Cascade Laser technology. Spero provides high-resolution, full-frame chemical imaging capabilities that are simply not possible with existing instruments.   
Unparalleled Visibility   
Ultra-bright, tunable laser source offers high-resolution with a wide field of view and a novel chemical imaging technique that has not been previously available.   
Instantaneous Results in Live Mode   
Produces hyperspectral data cubes in minutes and also supports live discrete frequency imaging, eliminating standard workflow steps to acquire data.   
Small Resource Footprint   
Not only is the microscope small enough to sit on a desktop,   
it’s also easy to use and features an uncooled focal plane array.


  • Designed specifically for mid-infrared spectral imaging analysis of biomedical and materials research samples   
  • High-brightness tunable laser source   
  • Spectral coverage across the entire mid-infrared “fingerprint region”   
  • Rapid acquisition of full spectrum hyperspectral datacubes   
  • 2 infrared objectives and 1 visible objective   
  • Transmission and reflection modes   
  • Large format uncooled focal plane array   
  • Real-time discrete frequency IR imaging at video frame rates   
  • Fully automated stage   
  • Instrument control and data display via Ethernet to PC   
  • Small instrument footprint
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